Live life in comfort

Jack Frost is an all-in-one deodorant, body powder, foot powder, and dry shampoo. Use it to control odor, absorb moisture, combat chafe, and soothe your skin.

Our Mission

Reusable Canister

Biodegradable Refill Cartridge

Clean with no dirty secrets

Natural ingredients, zero plastic waste, carbon offset shipping, 10% profits to a cause.

"I think I've tried every body powder out there. They smell like a pharmacy, come in cheap plastic, and are full of chemicals. Jack Frost changed the game for me."

Ben E.

"Jack Frost feels like a premium product. The canister is sturdy and strong. The powder smells amazing and works great. I wish every product felt like this does."

David M.

"I hate throwing away single use plastics. Every time I do it I feel guilty. I bought Jack Frost because it let me do my personal care without plastic waste. I couldn't be happier."

Sydney B.